The million dollar question

It is way harder than it should be to pick out something to wear on a daily basis, nevermind a photoshoot. But fear not! I am here to make your life easier with my style guide for your photoshoot. Look below for some suggestions + inspo.

I don't have any rules except wear something that makes you feel good!

What to wear

Here are a few suggestions on what I've found works well for photoshoots


  • Neutral colors and pastels always look great in photos (tan, brown, grey, blush pinks, light blues, and cream colors).
  • A plain, simple and solid style is usually best, don't overthink it! If you are wanting to wear a pattern, make sure it is subtle.
  • Khakis or jeans work well for those dressing more masculine. A simple button down or nicer t-shirt pairs really well.
  • Simple dresses are also perfect for spring or summer photos - or light or dark wash jeans if you aren't a dress person! 
  • Biiiiig fan of sweaters and flannels for fall and winter photoshoots - these can be wore with jeans or leggings - just make sure your leggings aren't see through!
  • Compliment one other, #twinning is not as cute as you might think it is - unless it's mommy + me matching or your kiddos are still little!

At the end of the day though, if something makes you feel good -- wear it!

What not to wear

Like I said before, I don't have any rules...but I do have some suggestions about what doesn't always photograph that well.

Things to try and avoid:

  • Super tight patterns (pin strips, for example don't photograph very well)
  • Hats, this is a grey area for me. If you want to wear a hat, bring it! But don't show up wearing it, they can mess up your hair and also cast shadows on your face so I won't be able to see you :( I like to save hats for the end or to put on for a few shots in between so we can still get your hat, but without giving you hat hair.
  • Low-cut shirts - Don't wear this IF you are going to be upset when you have cleavage showing in your photos. This isn't a huge deal for me, so that doesn't bother you, disregard this :)
  • Spaghetti straps without a strapless bra. Again, this isn't a big deal for me. But if you don't want your bra straps showing, then don't wear it!

At the end of the day though, if something makes you feel good -- wear it!